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Pit and fissure sealants

A sealant is a thin coat over small grooves of the tooth, protecting the tooth from causing decay. The sealant forms a thin, protective field between the tooth and the bacteria.

Some teeth naturally have deep pits and fissures and may deepen over time, leading to caries and are required to be filled up. Sealants are applied mostly on the rough and uneven molars and premolars, which are known as posterior teeth (back teeth) - These teeth have small pits (hollows) and fissures (grooves) on the chewing surfaces. Applying varnish is a preventive measure and can be carried out on children who do not have pits and fissures in their back teeth to protect their teeth from caries when their permanent molar erupts at around 6-7 years of age.

This is a thin protective field placed before teeth get affected by bacteria and darken. Adults can get benefit from sealants, but it is done in an early stage so children are the better choice of patients. A sealant can reduce the risk of dental caries by 80%. It has been seen that children with sealants have three times less carious teeth than children without any sealant. Sealants are applied after the arrival of the first primary teeth which is in between 6 to 7 years of age and first arriving permanent molars and premolars till 13 years of age.


Our professional will check every detail in your child's mouth and for better treatment, we will discuss with the parent prior to the treatment. Visit the Blue tooth dental studio for appointments before your child’s teeth get decay.

This is a very minor procedure and does not require much time, and can be done in a single visit in 20-30 minutes. Usually we start the procedure by scaling the teeth, after cleaning and polishing, our dental hygienist will isolate and dry the tooth than the rest of the teeth. A sealant, which is a liquid bonding agent is applied over the surface of the tooth with the help of a brush, and a self-curing light is used for about 20-30 seconds for adhering the bonding agent with the tooth surface. Our dentist will check the dental sealant and evaluate the occlusion (contact between all the teeth). Once the Dental sealant hardens, it becomes very hard plastic, transparent covering over the tooth surface and your child will be able to chew again. This is a pain-free and effective procedure.

If the child is uncomfortable with the bite or when he chews the food, then he might need to re-visit the dentist and reduced the high-points. Sealants may last for years but they can also wear off over time or by eating hard food and we might need to replace and add some more sealants to prevent the tooth surface from decaying.

Even after sealants brushing and flossing is required to clean the teeth twice daily. Sealants releases fluoride constantly which makes teeth stronger and prevents from decay, in case, patient have fluorosis, they need to consult with the dentist before the procedure. And lastly, there are no known side effects seen with sealants. The cost may vary according to the material used but are inexpensive as compared with other dental treatments.

Visit Bluetooth Dental Studio, if your child has recently greeted new molars.


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