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Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment or root canal therapy is a sequence of treatments for the severely damaged tooth with an infected living tissue which is also known as pulp and to eradicate the infection slowly but totally and protect and neutralize the tooth from future micro-bacterial re-occurrence.

When the tooth is infected it is very painful and the infection can progress the root and below it, forming an abscess or periodontal diseases. We have endodontists (a dentist who performs RCT), who with the help of current technologies will provide you with the best treatment with a valuable advantage.

The procedure might take a while to decontaminate the tooth but with the advancement of technology, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) can be done in a single sitting too which may take for a hour or so. In case there is any abscess underneath the root, then there might be a need of another sitting, but mostly it is done in single sitting with an effect one hour procedure which is seen more comfortable for the patient and beneficial to save time for the patient then to visit the clinic every time. We confirm respect the patients time and we start the procedure immediately after a through diagnosis.

In the procedure when the pulp is taken out the tooth, it becomes non-vital (no blood supply) which means dead. A prolong damage or any trauma resulting from accidents to the tooth may result in the affect of the pulp, it can also discolour the tooth and make it non-vital. The common causes of a severely damaged tooth are either fracture tooth, a deep cavity, very deep filling close to the nerve, any faulty treatment, or improper RCT treatment, for those who underwent improper RCT treatment we offer root canal retreatment.

In the absence of a root canal treatment of a severely damaged tooth, the patient might need to remove the tooth in future. A root canal treatment is more of a reposed therapy and is less expensive than tooth replacement treatment. A well-treated tooth can last a life time, however, a regular visit to Bluetooth Dental Clinic is required to analyze any further problem to the tooth and the surrounding tissue.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure:

  • It is important to start the diagnosis and investigation with intra-oral X-rays (single tooth x-rays in the mouth) to locate the infected tooth.
  • Even prior to use the injection we use topical anesthesia by the forms of jellies or spray to prevent any injection pain by the patient.
  • We are concerned with patient’s pain and apprehension so we do not use regular syringes which have thicker gauge needle but use Cartridge-injection with very thin gauge needle for injecting local anesthesia to numb the area, this is a more convenient, easy-to-use method of injection and facilitates accuracy and sterility with no fear of pain.
  • The cleaning procedure is done with thin sharp-flexible needle-like files and revitalizing medicines to eliminate the infection. This might take from a single sitting to two sitting, depending on the severity of the infection.
  • The canal is dried and medication is applied to prevent further decay and sealed with a temporary restoration. We take X-rays to check all the steps are accurate. If we do not feel any further problem with the treatment then we permanently fill the the cavity immediately.
  • After the completion of the treatment a Crown is placed over the treated tooth. If a root canal treated tooth is not covered with a crown the tooth starts crumbling and might fracture due to the loss of support as there is no blood supply. A crown is a important component of an endodontic treatment.
  • In cases like infection under an already root canal treated tooth, we provide re-rct treatment and with cases like re-RCT, all the filling are removed along with the infection underneath done followed by the procedure with a proper fashion but with more care as we understand that patient has already undergone a certain amount of stress due to the treatment failure so we do not want that to happen again.

The treatment may also fail due to not maintaining the oral hygiene or not performing the treatment properly by the dentist or due to any systemic cause. 

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