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What Is Geriatric Dentistry


Geriatric dentistry or Gerodontics is the delivery of the dental care to older adults involving the diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of the problems associated with normal aging and age-related diseases with the help of other health care professionals.

Geriatric dentistry has been the part of ‘Special Care Dentistry” by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. People above the age of 65 years are expected to suffer from chronic medical conditions that require consideration before initiating any dental treatment. In the elderly population, poor oral health has been considered a risk factor of general health problems. They are more susceptible to oral conditions or diseases due to an increase in physical and mental disabilities.

We support geriatric patients and also provide treatments for their problems at a low cost. A senior on a limited or fixed income cannot afford regular dental care, we offer all the services necessary only to a senior patient at affordable fees in Bluetooth Dental Studio. We take proper case history to avoid any serious condition from a small pain.

Some of these problems-

Reduction of salivary flow leading to dry mouth, which can be due to any radiation in the head and neck areas as well as certain diseases and side effects of some medicines.

  • Lack of sensation of taste due to diseases and certain medication results in the loss of the sensory unit. Also due to denture wears.
  • Exposure of the root of a decayed tooth causing some acids. The tooth roots become exposed as gum tissue recedes from the tooth due to prolonged lack of maintenance and loss of vertical bone loss in the alveolus.
  • Cervical abrasion and loss of enamel due to bad brushing habits, certain medications.
  • Gum disease caused by plaque and sometimes use of tobacco products or a poor-fitting bridge and denture.
  • Lack of proper diet and certain diseases, such as anemia, cancer, and diabetes, older adults suffer from a lot of dental problems.
    Of all the causes, loss of teeth is the most difficult problem.
  • An uneven jawbone caused by loss of teeth and not replacing the missing teeth in due time. This allows the rest of the teeth to drift and shift into open spaces.
  • Denture-induced stomatitis is due to ill-fitting dentures and poor dental hygiene mainly because of Candida Albicans causes inflammation, along with a change in color, and consistency of the tissue underlying a denture.
  • Oral thrush is known as oral candidiasis in which fungus Candida Albicans accumulates in the mouth, mostly occurs due to a weak immune system.
  • Arthritis in the joints may cause inflammation in the gum and causes periodontitis which ultimately results in loosening of teeth and tooth loss.

Daily brushing twice and flossing of natural teeth is mandatory for all patients along with antibacterial mouth rinses to reduce bacteria and to keep good oral health. Plaque can build up quickly to a senior patients’ tooth, especially if oral hygiene is neglected, and leads to many tooth-gum related diseases.

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