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The Implant Supported Crowns And Bridges




Dental implants are titanium implant (like a root of a tooth) that are surgically positioned by our implantologists into the jaw-bone beneath the gums and is known as one of the best choices of restorations for a missing tooth. Implants provide good stability and support for dental crowns, bridges and dentures.

At present, people wants dental treatments which are more aesthetically supported and have good durability. So Implants are a good replacement for one or more missing tooth without affecting the adjacent teeth, also used as support to dental bridges or dentures to make it more comfortable and secure to wear them. Simple bridge with a tooth or tissue-support can loss alveolar bone but an Implant-supporting bridge will hold the structures underneath it.

The crown or bridges also known as the restoration (the part that looks like teeth), which can be a single crown or a series of crowns connected to form a bridge, they are made of porcelain attached or fused to a sub-structure of metal. Another Implant has been introduced recently without any metal at all, are known as Zirconia Implants, read more of our blogs to know about teeth-colored Implants. Implant-supported crowns and bridges are more comfortable to wear than a regular removable and fixed partial dentures.

The time taken for an implant treatment is about 3 months and the procedure is a durable one. the first sitting is consultation, in the second sitting the Implant is placed, the next sitting has a resting phase of around 2 to 3 months to bond the implant with the bone, and after a span of a week the patient will be given a restoration.

Bluetooth Dental Studio has a multi-specialty team and deals with the newer technologies available in the market and are very happy to give it to our patient. A regular follow-up is required that the dentist can look after your underlying tissue and can check the improvement of the treatment with necessary X-rays.

Procedure: Various x-rays are been taken to determine the position of the tooth and the bone structure along with the growth of the tissue to compete for the normal condition of a good oral condition. Mold impressions are taken to imitate the jaw bone, teeth, gum tissue and the surrounding aspect. The area is made numb by local anesthesia then a titanium implant is placed into the jaw bone with the help of a drill and allowed to heal and integrate on its own for the next 3 months. Once the Implant has healed, our professional would place a healing collar, and then an abutment followed by a crown or a bridge, which is similar in appearance and have the same masticatory force as that of your natural teeth.

We will provide you instructions that have to be followed after a dental Implant treatment. Good oral hygiene and eating habits and regular dental visits are required to have a successful treatment. A dental implant lasts for a very long period if taken care of.
There are certain criteria before going through an Implant surgery, you must have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. If your bone is too thin or soft, there is not enough bone height, then you might require bone graft or sinus lift to make the conditions suitable for an Implant.

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