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Dental tourism

Dental tourism also known as dental vacations, a tourist from different countries travels to different places to seek dental treatments and may accompany by a vacation also known as a dental holiday in Europe and is also a part of a larger group called as a medical tourism.

The main reason to travel overseas are:

  • The cost-effective treatments available in our clinic Bluetooth Dental Studio.
    People from not only neighboring countries but countries like Australia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland, but also other countries of South-east Asia, etc visit us for their treatment. While medical tourism is often generalized to travel from a high-income country to a cost-effective developing county.
  • Another important factors responsible for a dental tourism is the notion to travel, including differences in the funding of public healthcare or general access to healthcare.
  • The approach to the dental care treatments and their qualities, India with its largest pool of highly qualified, skilled dental professionals and our clinic is one of the best hubs of the multitude for dental services.
  • In India, the value of the dental services can be available at 1/10th of the cost of services in the western countries. For example, the cost of an endo-treatment or a root canal treatment in India ranges from $50 to $200 whereas in the US it is as high as $3,000. A dental filling would cost between $25 in India but elsewhere it would cost over $300. At present one of the most expensive dental treatments is Dental Implant restorations and in the US it would cost over $3,000 and some extra pounds in the UK whereas the prices are as low as $500 to $1000 in India varying with the severity and with the similar amenities.
  • With dental tourism, tourists do not feel congested with the treatments due to the availability of more number of qualified professionals. The treatment is well taken care of as there is less waiting time. Our dental assistants can fix appointments for visitors according to their duration of stay which results in qualitative tour and treatment time.
  • The sterilization protocol followed in India is strictly checked by the Dental Council of India and are equivalent with the international standards and thus resulting in carrying out all dental treatments in a protected environment.
  • One of the beautiful reasons for visiting India after dental or medical treatment is India’s contemporary attraction for tourism and business. The tourists get attracted to its 1000-years old civilization. The interesting facts of ancient India bringing the country’s traditional art and craft, as well as its cultural and religious diversity, could be one of the dragging forces for the tourists.
  • The last point somehow relates to this point that India is known for its ancient stream of medicines. The alternative methods of approaching medicine such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, and Acupuncture. These are also gaining public acceptance in the modern world.

We try to accomplish the treatment in a suitable duration of time according since the procedures often require multiple steps, or subsequent checkups, the patient may have to visit the same doctor. Typically, a patient may take two trips to have implants. The first trip is to bond the implant with the bone and the second trip for the provisional crown. The second trip is generally after 3 months. For the short tour visit single day Implants are not recommended for tourists as the treatment might result in failure.

Our Specialists are available to offer any answers related to dental visits to India and would suggest treatment schedules, number of appointments. We ensure the best treatment, we have patients from every possible city of every country visiting us over decade to make the trip fruitful.


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