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Cast Partial Dentures

Cast Partial Dentures

The Denture is a framework used to hold one or more artificial teeth in position which prevents shifting or loosening of teeth. One or more lost teeth can be replaced with removable dentures that contain a set or artificial teeth attached to the framework. The Cast partial denture is one such denture that is removable and consist a set of artificial teeth in an acrylic resin in a cast metal framework.


Who all are eligible for a cast partial denture?

  • Partial or complete loss of the teeth
  • When Gum and bone condition of the remaining teeth are not good.
  • Trauma to the jaw bone

Cast partial denture procedure

The dentists diagnose the oral cavity condition and recommended the best suited treatment methods. At Bluetooth Dental Studio, we customize the dental treatment plan and involve uniquely designed and fabricated denture based on individual patient condition. The procedure is initiated by making an impression from both upper and lower dental arches. The dentist traces the patient’s bite size, and chooses the shade of the artificial teeth that appear similar to patient’s original teeth shade. The impression is used as a base to make a cast and the cast model is used to fabricate the denture through a complex procedure. On the second visit, we perform a trial and check the comfort of the bite and make necessary adjustments if required. The whole process is completed in a minimum of 3 settings.

Advantages of a Cast Partial Denture

  • Durable, strong and hygienic dentures
  • Provide support for lips and cheeks
  • Eliminates the strain on the jaw bone
  • Prevent the teeth from shifting or loosening from position

Bluetooth Dental Studio offers complete dental care to our patients to enhance the appearance, health, comfort, and self-esteem of our patient oral health. To know more about cast partial dentures, book an appointment now.



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