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Ultrasonic Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing

Teeth cleaning by a professional is required to protect teeth from any infectious diseases in the oral cavity and maintaining good oral health along with hygiene which is why this treatment phase is also known as a preventive phase. This is known as Oral Prophylaxis and the procedure contains mainly Scaling and Polishing.

Scaling removes teeth plaque, tartar(calculus), external stains which are not possible to remove by brushing from the visible and non-visible tooth surface. It also prevents from any pulpal(living connective tissue inside a tooth) and periodontal( involves gums, bone, ligament) disease leading to pyorrhoea which is seen in 90% of Indian population.

Professionals at Bluetooth Dental Studio use modernized instruments to remove debris from the surface of the teeth and is better to save time money than a manual scaler. The ultrasonic scaler is a vibratory device to remove tartar installed with a water spray to wash-away the debris and to maintain the temperature of the device. The tips of the instrument are curved, blunt, and rounded and are placed at an angle with the tooth surface. Due to the vibratory motion, a sensation can be felt by the patient, if the sensation disturbs the patients’ bearing than the pressure is adjusted accordingly.

Our professional will help clean and smoothen your tooth surface so that bacterias are unable to adhere to the surface with the help of sticky food particles(mostly carbohydrates) and you will be able to keep your teeth clean for regular home care. A scaling is mandatory before any dental treatment for a better visibility of the affected area and ligation of the orthodontic bands and brackets, etc.

Regular dental checkups with dental cleaning and polishing are the key for healthy teeth and attractive smile. The human oral cavity(mouth) is an only opening which is not covered and is dangerous because it invites bacterias around us.

To keep your oral cavity healthy and disease free visit us after every 6 months for a scaling. It can help to detect gum diseases, decayed tooth or tooth cavities, fractured tooth, loose tooth. After a professional ultrasonic cleaning, you may feel lighter teeth than usual.

Many questions arise between teeth whitening and tooth scaling but tooth whitening is different from tooth scaling and polishing, in tooth whitening cosmetic dental procedures are done to lighten the pigmentation within teeth. tooth whitening is not preferred for most of the cases, the pigmentation comes back in a few days after treatment. Mostly done by the acting professionals for enhancing the smile.

Bacteria stick to rough tooth surface so polishing is necessary after scaling to keep the surface smooth and shiny. Polishing is done with a paste-like substance and a rubber polishing cup which spun around the teeth surfaces. Also, air-polishing is another procedure of polishing that can be used after scaling and before fluoride application with the help of a pressured jet spray containing sodium bicarbonate powders, water, and air.
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