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Flexible Partial Dentures


Flexible partial dentures are removable artificial tooth restorations with a flexible base that can adapt to movement and flexibility in the mouth. The Bluetooth Dental Studio offers customized flexible partial dentures that provide excellent aesthetics and comfort for patients. Flexible partial dentures are fabricated by a specialist in the field of Prosthodontics and the process involves a very simple preparation procedure. The main advantage of flexible partial dentures is that they do not demand any alteration or shaping of the available teeth in the mouth. Moreover, flexible partial dentures are virtually invisible because they do not have any metal clasps that cover the natural teeth. The dentures are made using high quality and most flexible materials that blend with the tissue in the mouth during jaw movements. Flexible partial dentures are the most delicate and light-weight dental restoration.

Who are eligible for a flexible partial denture?

All those who have lost one or more teeth in the upper or lower jaw arch are eligible to replace their lost teeth with a flexible partial denture. The denture restores the teeth and makes it easier to chew and speak as they easily adapt to the mouth movement. Flexible partial denture maintains the shape of the face and eases the stress on your bite. They are available in the natural shade of the mouth tissue and remain virtually invisible. They preserve the jaw bone mass and also prevent the risk of gum disease.

A flexible partial denture is an excellent restoration option for those are installing a dental implant to replace lost teeth. Flexible partial dentures envelop the gap during the healing period after inserting the dental implants. For those who are not eligible for a dental implant or fixed bridge can also choose the flexible partial denture.

Procedure for getting flexible partial dentures

The dentist evaluates the condition of remaining natural teeth and makes an impression of the mouth. A Prosthodontic specialist makes the denture with reference to the impression of the mouth and the denture is installed on the next appointment and necessary adjustments are done is required. The adjustment period to the new dental appliance is very short.

How to care flexible partial denture?

To preserve the denture, cleaning of the dentures has to be done to remove loose food particles that may get stuck on the appliance. This includes cleaning the denture regularly by placing the denture under running water. Simultaneously the oral cavity should also be cleaned by routine brushing and flossing to prevent the risk of any infection.

Advantages of using Flexible partial dentures

  • Ultra-light, thin and flexible.
  • Potentially unbreakable dentures with a flexible nylon base.
  • Non allergic and highly biocompatible.
  • Metal-free dental restorations.
  • Comfortable and excellent aesthetics.
  • Stain and odor resistant.

Bluetooth Dental Studio offers complete dental care to our patients to enhance the appearance, health, comfort, and self-esteem of our patient oral health. To know more about flexible partial dentures, book an appointment now and enquiry from our dentist.



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