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Diagnostic Dental X-rays


Bluetooth Dental Studio would like you to provide the best treatment to the patients. Before any treatment, a proper diagnosis is important to rule out the cause of the problem so that it is important to extract the cause of the problem. Only a clinical examination is of no use without an investigation with an X-ray. A diagnosing X-ray would give us a clear view to see the problem and its location. A diagnostic dental X-ray is a radiographic film with teeth, bones and soft tissues around them in different shades of white and black, which in terms are expressed as radio-opaque and radio-lucent. It can show hidden structures which are not visible with the naked eye like an unerupted wisdom tooth, bone loss, cysts, etc.

Types of X-rays

We have a lot of variety of x-rays which is required to see the height of the complete tooth, hard tissue which is bone and teeth, hard tissue along with soft tissue which involves bone, muscles, nerves, any anomalies around the teeth and can be calculated accordingly. Some important types of x-rays are Bitewing, peri-apical, occlusal and panoramic radiographs, cephalogram, CT, CBCT, and MRI. These include x-rays are either intraoral(inside mouth) or extraoral(outside mouth).


During the treatment, we may take 3 to 4 bitewing X-rays which help us to see the upper portion of the teeth which is known as the crown of the teeth.
For a distinct observation of the tooth height along with bone height, a periapical radiograph is taken. In a periapical X-ray film, 3 to 4 teeth are completely visible with the bone and tissue.
Occlusal radiographs are the diagnosing x-ray for clefts and impacted teeth or any fracture.
The size of the intraoral films varies according to the age, gender and also with the available mouth opening of the patient.


A panoramic radiograph is a bigger X-ray as compared to the other two x-ray films. It is taken extraorally and produces a big image of the entire face with a front view. In this view, we can easily visualize, all the teeth of the upper and lower arch along with the other structures such as bone, tissue, sinuses, nasal cavity. This x-ray help us to identify any cyst, tumor, dental anomalies, clefts, fractures.

There are other x-rays like a Cephalometric radiograph which is done to calculate the different changes before and after an orthodontic treatment.
When it comes to safety from radiographic imaging rays, we at Bluetooth Dental Studio ensure you that we take the necessary measures before taking any X-ray and importantly a dental x-ray exposes very minimal radiation. The x-ray is taken by our dental assistant. The dental professional will cover the patient with a lead apron and a lead collar to protect your body from radiation. This process is pain-free and will be repeated until images have been obtained for your respected area.

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