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Re-treat Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is tooth recovery procedure performed in a decayed or infected tooth structure. In some instances, root canal treatment may fail due to numerous reasons. In such cases, re-treating the teeth is the course of action taken to restore the affected tooth with minimal damage to the structure. At Bluetooth Dental Clinic, this is performed by a root canal specialist to successfully seal the area of the root canal.

What is done during re-treat root canal procedure?

The procedure is almost similar to a root canal treatment with only difference that the old filling material is removed from the tooth cavity. All the decayed or infected pulp with the nerves and blood vessels are removed during the first attempt. During the re-treat procedure, the cavity is carefully examined for additional canals or new infection. If present, the infected area is removed, cleaned and shaped, and new filling material is placed to fill in the gap and sealed. A Crown is placed to protect the tooth against fractures.

When is a re-treat root canal treatment required?

With proper dental care and cleaning routine, a root canal treated teeth last a lifetime. But in some instances, the treated tooth may not heal properly, causing pain or discomfort. This is when an additional procedure is needed to support healing and save the tooth. A treated tooth may not heal or develop a new problem due to various reasons:

  • Narrow or curved canals was not treated
  • Complicated canal anatomy
  • Delayed placement of the crown or other restoration
  • Salivary contamination to the inside of the tooth
  • Exposure to bacteria causing a new infection in the tooth
  • A loose or broken crown or filling exposing the tooth to infection

Any of these issues can create a new problem and jeopardize a tooth that was successfully treated. This can occur within a few months or even years after the initial root canal treatment. If any pain or discomfort is experienced in a previously treated tooth, immediately talk to your Dentist at Bluetooth Dental Studio, to look into retreatment option.

What is the benefit of re-treating the tooth?

It is also best to restore and save the natural tooth through re-treating root canal treatment. The retreated teeth look and function as a normal tooth structure for a lifetime. With the advancement in dental technology that is constantly evolving, new techniques are emerging in the way of performing a Root Canal Therapy. At Bluetooth Dental Studio, we have a team of well experienced Endodontist who are capable of adapting the recent innovations in treatment methodology to offer a better treatment experience to our patients and to resolve your problem.

Post re-treat root canal treatment, antibiotics and medications are prescribed to prevent the rise of infection and to fasten the healing process. Bluetooth Dental Studio, offers re-treat of root canal treatment from well-trained endodontist at affordable rates. For any questions or concerns about re-treat of root canal retreatment, book an appointment now.


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