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Fixed Prosthetic Dentures


A fixed prosthetic denture is the restoration after a dental Implant treatment to rehabilitate the missing teeth by a non- removable product which is very similar to the natural teeth and also supports the aesthetics and is comfortable to wear.

A good work with details as well as thorough dental care needs time, effort and vision. So far people are willing to invest time in their health. However, if the body does not permit, the most thorough and detail dental care, may not last long due to the general wear.

Our aim is to advance the reach of our patients for their benefit. We offer different options to restore and replace teeth that are damaged or missing. In a case study, on patient’s behaviour we came with a conclusion that most patients do not like a removable denture though it is very economical because of its demerits. For a regular patient, denture has to match with his profile when he can no longer have his actual teeth. Patients with heavy schedule do not have time to remove and clean dentures, rather it is always easier to maintain a fixed denture. Depending on the teeth and oral health, our dentists at Bluetooth dental Studio can help determine which treatment best suits our patient’s needs. Our professional will listen closely to your needs and your concerns and work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your goals and your lifestyle.

Fixed prosthetic dentures: Fixed prosthetic dentures are placed to give you the similar feelings of your own teeth would. The dentures are made fixed by our dentists and cant be removed by the patient.

Hybrid prosthetic dentures: Hybrid dentures are a mixer of both fixed and removable dentures. They have imitated the natural appearances of the gum and gives a better appearance when a patient smiles.

Implant Retained: These are the third types with regular dentures and are retained by Implants.


The fixed prosthetic denture is of various types and depends on the missing teeth.

  • Dental Crown: The Dental crown or a cap is placed over the implant as a replacement of a single tooth.
  • Dental Bridge: In cases of two or three missing teeth dental bridges are placed over dental implants.
  • Full fixed dentures: These are used when the patient is edentulous (without any teeth) with the support of implants. The number of implants varies due the area available, and underlying jaw bone support and bone density.

The dental bridges or fixed dentures are made up of several types of material like porcelain, porcelain fused with metal, gold or metal free Zirconia. The price of the fixed prosthetic dentures depends on parameters like the material, skill, time, experience and expertise of our professionals. But comparing with the other treatments like normal dental bridges the price can be marginally higher but the benefit of the treatment is far superior.

Dental Implants have grown progressively significant in oral reconstruction and rehabilitation with an implant-supported prosthesis for the rising demands of the patients for aesthetically proven treatments. The rate of success and satisfaction of the patients and clinicians are beyond imagination.

From now do not compromise with your looks or eating when we can provide you the best available treatment of modern dentistry to you. To consult dentists at Bluetooth Dental Studio please book an appointment.


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