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Tooth Implants for Tooth Restoration

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We at Bluetooth Dental Clinic offer several options for tooth restoration, like tooth implants, fixed bridges, removable dentures and we are happy to discuss all of these with you before you make any decision. One of our options that are quickly gaining in popularity is tooth implants. Dental implants are the closest that researches have come to create a natural tooth, they are nearly identical in appearance and function and also has a 90% of success rate as compared with other treatments for replacing a dental tooth.

Tooth Implant Placement

The implant acts as a post made from titanium, a biocompatible metal, that is placed by our professionals surgically into the jaw bone. This implant functions as a root of a natural tooth and help to restore the relationship between the bone and the root, preventing bone shrinkage, wherein a dental bridge without implants has a significant amount of bone loss has been seen in almost all the patient. Once the area has healed, the implant head is restored with a tooth designed to blend in beautifully with your natural teeth and also restore the chewing function. This restoration might be a Crown or a bridge. In some cases, implants can even be used to secure a complete Denture with the help of a minimum four implants in place ( All On 4 Implants).

Implant Tooth Restoration

A functional restoration of an implant treated tooth means which is chewable and have the support of the jaw bone and also aesthetically evident. The restored prostheses act as a support to the adjacent mucosa and papillae, thus facilitating the creation and maintenance of the soft tissue profile around implants. The tooth restorations with implants have a survival rate of 70 % to 100%. More efforts are focused on the feasibility of tooth replacement using provisional implant restorations. Restorations mostly dealt with the edentulous space, where the bone density is favorable.

Immediate restoration during implant placement is done on the same day of an implant placement, the measurements are taken prior to the surgery and a restoration is prepared to compensate the loss of the tooth. These cases are mainly supported by us because of the high demands of the patients. A Two-staged approach of implant installation with bone graft for bone regeneration and reconstruction has extensively been used to create new bone in cases of narrow bone height and with an unfavorable bone density.

With careful selection of patients and treatment planning, implant placement and restoration of the space to function, have desired results in providing the reconstruction of the tooth as well as the surrounding structures. Our professionals are skilled in both placing and restoring dental implants, we perform the entire process with the help of different specialists from our different departments, from beginning to end, right here in our Bluetooth Dental Studio. This helps to manage time being Implant treatment is a long-term treatment plan.

To know if dental implants are the right fit for you call today for a consultation at Bluetooth Dental Clinic.


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